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WebDropDown with Multiselect into WebDataGrid (many to many relation)


      We are trying to use a webdropwn into a grid with multiselection option enabled, because have  a relation many to many. It mean, have a specific Datasource for webdropdown and other for the grid, but exist a relation between the tables.  Currently we are using DropDownProvider with an Editor control, that works perfect when is a simple relation, but no when is a relation many to many. Found out in the release notes ( that Drop-down editor provider of WebDataGrid does not support multiselection, Is there any solution for the issue ? Could you provide an example to solve the issue ?


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    Hello Luciano,

    Thank you for using Infragistics ASP.NET!

    Unfortunately, no workaround is available for this limitation, as stated in the "Known issues and limitations" topic.

    Alexander Marinov