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WebDropDown with Paging and ServerSide filter does not filter on copy paste


I have a WebDropDown where i have enabled Paging and server side filtering if the records are more than 2000.  In this case, when i copy paste a value to filter, it always comes up with the first value in the first page.  I need to press space or type any character to make the filter work and bring up my match.

Please see code from my page where we make it a serverside filter or clientside filter based on condition on runtime.

If dtTable.Rows.Count > 2000 Then
   xdd.EnablePaging = True
    xdd.EnableAutoFiltering = Infragistics.Web.UI.ListControls.AutoFiltering.Server
    xdd.PagerSettings.PagerMode = Infragistics.Web.UI.ListControls.PagerMode.NextPreviousFirstLast
   xdd.PageSize = 2000
   xdd.ClientEvents.Blur = ""
   xdd.EnablePaging = False
   xdd.EnableAutoFiltering = Infragistics.Web.UI.ListControls.AutoFiltering.Client
   xdd.ClientEvents.Blur = "WebDropDown_Blur"
End If

Appreciate your early help with this issue.