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WebDropDown with Paging and ServerSide filter does not filter on copy paste


I have a WebDropDown where i have enabled Paging and server side filtering if the records are more than 2000.  In this case, when i copy paste a value to filter, it always comes up with the first value in the first page.  I need to press space or type any character to make the filter work and bring up my match.

Please see code from my page where we make it a serverside filter or clientside filter based on condition on runtime.

If dtTable.Rows.Count > 2000 Then
   xdd.EnablePaging = True
    xdd.EnableAutoFiltering = Infragistics.Web.UI.ListControls.AutoFiltering.Server
    xdd.PagerSettings.PagerMode = Infragistics.Web.UI.ListControls.PagerMode.NextPreviousFirstLast
   xdd.PageSize = 2000
   xdd.ClientEvents.Blur = ""
   xdd.EnablePaging = False
   xdd.EnableAutoFiltering = Infragistics.Web.UI.ListControls.AutoFiltering.Client
   xdd.ClientEvents.Blur = "WebDropDown_Blur"
End If

Appreciate your early help with this issue.

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    Offline posted

    Hello Gowri,

    Thank you for contacting the Infragistics support!

    Can you please share me a sample that demonstrates your scenario or at least provide me the whole code that initializes the WebDropDown control as I think you use some additional settings for your usecase. Is that correct? A sample will be of great help in order to investigate this issue further.

    Thank you in advance!

    Best regards,
    Alexander Marinov

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    Offline posted in reply to Alex Marinov


    Hi Alex,

    As requested attaching herewith a sample project which demonstrates the issue.

    1. Run the application

    2. Copy paste "bob" in the webdropdown, instead of fetching "Uncle Bob's Organic Dried Pears", it fetches Chai which is wrong.

    3. Figured out that the issue is caused because i am setting xddlCSelections.SelectedItemIndex = 0, but without this line, my application breaks in many places.

    Waiting for your support in this regard.

    Note: Was not able to attach file, so i removed "Infragistics45.Web.v16.1.dll" from ExternalReferences/Infragistics folder.  Please add it and test the solution. 

    Thanks & Regards


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