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Looking for Version 13.2.20132.2294

Hello all, I was recently hired and handed over a project that contains the ASP.NET controls in it. After a couple day process I was able to track down what I was told was the install I needed for the controls within the applications.  However after I re-referenced everything it looks like I am a service update behind.  The version that was installed is 13.2.20132.1003 and not 13.2.20132.2294 that he application is currently using. I then created an account and registered the license key, however it only shows the 2014 downloads and I can't find where I need to go to download the service update needed to bring my installation inline with the web application. Any help on how to find the install or who I need to contact to resolve this would be great!

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    Dear Tyler Noland,

    Thank you for contacting us!


    Regarding your question, we would like to inform you that you have an open case with a reference ID: CAS-196419-K4K5D8.

    Thus we will be providing you with further instructions via email.

    Of course, should you have any additional questions you may always use the forum, or contact us directly via email.

    We wish you a lovely day!

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    The version that you are looking for is the latest service release of 2013 Volume 2 which is available from the My Keys and Downloads page if you have your product key registered.

    If you need to register your key that may be done from the product registration page.

    If you need to transfer registration to another developer, please reach out to to transfer the key.

    If you need to purchase a key, please reach out to