Cursor not moving to the particular row when searching data with in the WebDataGrid using browser (Chrome/Firefox) search option i.e. CTRL + F


We have a page with webdatagrid loaded with more than 1000 rows.

When user searching data with in the grid/page using browser search option i.e. CTRL + F, it is showing no of occurrences in the Search box pop up, but cursor not moving to the particular row. 

For ex: If Searching data which in 900th Row, cursor not moving to that particular line. 

This is happening only in browsers like Chrome/Firefox, same working fine in IE.

Can any one please help me on this?

Thanks in advance.

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    Hello Arun,

    Thank you for your detailed description.

    After following the steps you described I was able to reproduce this issue - "WebDataGrid doesn't scroll to searched text in Chrome/Firefox using Ctrl + F" and I have asked our engineering staff to examine this further. To ensure that it will receive attention, I have logged this behavior in our internal tracking system with a Development ID of 255124. This will be assigned to a developer in a future sprint to review my investigation and confirm my findings or to offer a fix, or other resolution.

    Please let me know if you need more information.

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