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WebHierarchialDataGrid - GridRecordCollection vs GridRecordItemCollection - Which one to use?

Hi All,

Could anyone please help me when to use GridRecordCollection and GridRecordItemCollection? I'm using Infragistics 2012.2 to create a webhierarchialdatagrid dynamically as a usercontrol and shall be using this user control in some other pages.

What is the equivalent of UltraGridRow of UltraWebGrid in WebHierarchialDataGrid? Should I use GridRecord or GridRecordItem? Kindly clarify..

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    Offline posted in reply to pavan


    It appears as though you are doing aggregations of data, would it be better to just use a pivot grid in the application which has that functionality already built in?  Would the igPivotGrid better meet your needs for a control in the UI?

    As far as looking to what is happening with your usercontrol, it would help to have a running example that can be debugged, as well as what specifically isn't working as you expect in the sample.  As far as how to set up the grid if using the WebHierarchicalDataGrid, from the screen shot it appears that you would set up a DataTable with the following columns:

    • 2009 Total
    • Jan 2010
    • Feb 2010
    • March 2010
    • April 2010
    • May 2010
    • June 2010
    • July 2010
    • Aug 2010
    • Sep 2010
    • Oct 2010
    • Nov 2010
    • Dec 2010
    • 2010 Total
    • Future Years Total
    • Lifespan Total
    • Comment
    • Delete

    Then add all of the data to that DataTable to represent what is visible in the screen shot.

    Note that this doesn't take into account the children as they aren't expanded out so I don't know what data they represent.  There would be additional steps to set up Multi-Column headers for:

    • 2009
    • 2010
    • Future Years
    • Lifespan

    I recommend working with the WebHierarchicalDataGrid in an isolated sample to create the view that you need and then see how you can use that within your budgeting wrapper.