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ScriptSource.axd does not have the modified Infragistics Javascript code


I have modified some javascript code in the file ig_webmenux.js. but the changes are not getting reflected when page rendered ScriptSource.axd file. It is still showing old code.

How can I use the modified infragistics javascript files to be used when rendering the ScriptSource.axd?

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    By default, the controls use embedded resources rather than external script files.  This means that modifying the script file doesn't actually do anything until you tell the control to use it.  Each control has a JavaScriptFileName property, which can be used to point it to a specific script file.  There's also a javascriptDirectory attribute which can be set in the web.config file to force all controls to use scripts in a special directory.  If you want to customize your scripts here's what I recommend you do.

    1) copy the scripts folder you referenced above into your project

    2) modify the web.config to add the infragistics tag handler and tag, and specify the directory name and relative path where the scripts are (likely ~/scripts/)

    Here is a link for modifying the web.config file:

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