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WebDataGrid Filtering/paging issue

Using a WebDataGrid and ExcelStyle filtering... version 15.2

I am having an issue between filtering and paging.  I have a couple of scenarios that should work but I can't get them to work with the same configuration.

The issue when my WDG is configured as such....


Working with a grid that's 3 pages...

I can filter to a 2 page dataset... paging works, clear filter works.

When I filter to a 1 page dataset, there is no paging (correct), but when I clear filter, it returns to the full dataset, but the paging does not return (should be 3 pages as it is on page load).

So I reconfigure my WDG settings as such...


Using the same 3 page grid/dataset...

I filter to the 1 page dataset

No paging (correct) and when I clear filters it goes back to the full dataset (3 pages worth) and the paging buttons return.

When I filter to the 2 page dataset..

Filter works,  but clicking on page 2 restores the grid to the full dataset (3 pages worth) instead of page 2 of the filtered dataset.

I need both of these scenarios to work but I can't figure out the WDG configuration required.