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Webdatagrid - Data filtered event doesn't update filtered columns

Hello folks,

I need to track the currently selected column filters.

Firstly, I attach the DataFiltered event to my webdatagrid like so:

dtPlanningWin10Migration.Behaviors.Filtering.DataFiltered += Filtering_DataFiltered;

In the event I save the filters after the grid data have been filtered:

   private void Filtering_DataFiltered(object sender, FilteredEventArgs e)
               ColumnFilters        CurrentGridColumnFilters = e.ColumnFilters;

Here I store all filters that are currently selected by the user.

The issue is that if a user clicks on "Clear filter" in the filter options of the grid, the column is still present in the e.ColumnFilters list. Why hasn't it been removed automatically from the list? How can I detect if the filter column has been cleared or not?

Thanks and all the best,


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