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I am using WebDataTree control and adding nodes to the tree instead of Xml DataBind. Also implemented Load on Demand concept using

the below logic.

this.TreeControl.NodeBound += new DataTreeNodeEventHandler(TreeControl_NodeBound);
this.TreeControl.NodePopulate += new DataTreeNodeEventHandler(TreeControl_NodePopulate);

Data loads fine for first time and when I try to expand nodes, it showing "Server does not respond" on hosting machine. If I refresh the page, expanding nodes are just working fine.

In debug mode, it showing "async failed"

Tree Expand Issue

Tree Expand 2

Server Tag:

 <ig:WebDataTree ID="TreeControl" runat="server" Visible="true" Height="100%" ForeColor="Black" EnableConnectorLines="true" EnableAjaxViewState="true">


Karthik Thangavel.

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    Hello Karthik,

    If I understand you correctly you have some type of data source and you are adding nodes to the WebDataTree by yourself. Additionally you need to implement load on demand for the child nodes. If this is what you need please follow the next link to a WebDataTree samples where we show how you can “Manual Load On Demand” nodes to WebDataTree.

    Please let me know if this solves your issue, or if you need any further assistance on this matter.

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