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old (Infragistics2.WebUI.WebHtmlEditor.v8.3) Editor control issue

Hope someone expertise can kindly help with our old (Infragistics2.WebUI.WebHtmlEditor.v8.3) Editor control issue:

We have one pretty old application, before it's working well, but currently issues are from new application deployment. when page postback to the server using click 'Save' button, Editor control lost input value from whatever Keyboard input, , but if we only use the icon 'Paste as HTML' in the top button of Editor, the value will be saved. We debug from code behind WebHtmlEditor.Text lost all those value, use F12 to see all input value in side of the iframe not in div, the content in <body></body> and <input><input> control cannot synchronize, only <input>...</input> can be saved back.

We are using VS2013 and NetAdvantage_ASPNET_2008vol1,
<add assembly="Infragistics2.WebUI.WebHtmlEditor.v8.3, Version=8.3.20083.1009, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=7dd5c3163f2cd0cb" namespace="Infragistics.WebUI.WebHtmlEditor" tagPrefix="ighedit" />

Much appreciated for your feedback, thanks very much.