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Footer / dead space bottom of WebTab

I posted a similar question and the problem could not be replicated.  I also though it might have been the workstation and all the libraries, controls, et. al. installed on the machine.

Problem exists with a new Windows 10 workstation.  Using Infragistics ASP.NET 2017.2; controls used in set Infragistics45.Web.v17.2, Version=17.2.20172.2095

This is the problem (see image) - created a web application in VS 2017.  Open a new Web Form and place a WebTab on the form.  Expand the webtab to almost the size of the screen and you can see a blank footer / empty space at the bottom of tab.  Nothing done removes or resizes this dead area.  

Environment :

Windows 10 Professional

.NET Code 2.0.8 Windows Hosting

.NET Core Runtime - 2.0.7 (x64)

.NET Core Runtime - 2.0.7 (x32)

.NET Framework 4.5 Multi-Targeting Pack

.NET Framework 4.5.1 Multi-Targeting Pack

.NET Framework 4.5.2 Multi-Targeting Pack

Visual Studio 2008 Professional - ENU

Visual Studio 2017 

Visual Studio Tools for Application 2015

Visual Studio Tools for Application 2015 Language Support

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