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webdropdown as webgrid

Is is possible to create a web-drop down which contains data as web-grid template. Drop-down should have following capability.

1.It should contain data in multi column.

2.Auto complete should work in dropdown

3.option for filter/paging/sorting for multicolumn data of Drop-down similar to webgrid.

Thanks & regards,

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    Offline posted

    Hello Abhijeet Kumar,

    and welcome to our community!

    We do not provide the functionality that you require out-of-the-box, as having a complex component like a grid with most of its features like paging, sorting etc. is errors prone and really cumbersome to maintain. However, it is possible to use the WebDropDown template capabilities to achieve something similar, depending on the people and resources you want to throw at implementing this.

    We have provided our customers with an online sample showing the WebDropDown capabilities to render a grid like table, including filtering for one of its columns(Name). You can find it here. To see the filtering in action, just start tipping  Alexander  for example in the input and you will see how the items in the table are filtered. In case you are interested, you can further peruse implementing the other WDD requirements you have mentioned.

    PS: It is possible to have a WebDataGrid as a template in a WebDropDown, and yet I highly recommend you not to and consider a different approach with maybe more but simpler components, instead of WDD with a grid template. After all, the WebDropDown component is meant to be a simple list.