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modifying band server events

Parent grid has server events like that :
 <ig:WebHierarchicalDataGrid ID="whdg" runat="server" Height="520px" Width="1040px" AutoGenerateColumns="False" DataKeyFields="idMaster" Key="idMaster"
                            OnRowUpdating="whdg_RowUpdatingMaster" Style="z-index: -1; margin-top: 0px;" StyleSetName="Claymation" DataMember="ExhLR2MasterTbl" OnInitializeRow="whdg_InitializeRow" OnRowIslandCreated="whdg_RowIslandCreated" InitialDataBindDepth="1">
In order to add more I can right click design grid image, choose properties, switch to events and I see them all.... that works for me..
The parent  grid has several child grids (bands ) and they have server events too.. e.g. :
                                <ig:Band DataKeyFields="idRec" DataMember="type2tbl" Key="idRec" AutoGenerateColumns="False" OnRowAdding="whdg_RowAddingType2" OnRowUpdating="whdg_RowUpdatingType2" OnRowsDeleting="whdg_RowsDeletingType2">
                                        <ig:BoundDataField DataFieldName="idRec" Key="idRec" DataType="System.Int32" Hidden="True">
                                            <Header Text="idRec" />
How I can see them on the design interface if I need to add or remove some of them, similar to the parent grid..
i.e. I need the path to the design view where I would see server events for the band..  Please give me step by step...

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    It is not possible to configure the server events for the child bands from the designer. It is possible only to configure the events for the root.

    You can remove/add server events foe child bands only from code:


    Nadia Robakova