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Infragistics.Web.Mvc.FilteringExtensions filter a Double


I'm trying to filter a grid in Server using Infragistics.Web.Mvc.FilteringExtensions and the "Where" function.

When de expression ("Expr" in FilterExpression object) is a double value I have a problem.

If "Expr" is "31.55", the "Where" function applies the "3155". And if "Expr" is "31,55", the "Where" function thow a exception.

Exception define:

Syntax error.

in Infragistics.Web.Mvc.ExpressionParser.Parse(Type resultType)
in Infragistics.Web.Mvc.DynamicExpression.ParseLambda(ParameterExpression[] parameters, Type resultType, String expression, Object[] values)
in Infragistics.Web.Mvc.FilteringExtensions.Where(IQueryable source, String predicate, Object[] values)

I invoque "Where" function:

data.Where("ask_precio.Value > 30.23", new object[0]})

How can I apply this filter?

Many thanks!