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WebHierarchicalDataGrid bound to IEnumerable - keynotfoundexception

I am trying to bind a WHDG to an IEnumerable Data source. It is pretty much a nested person set-up (Ex parent/child or boss/employee) and after it binds to the data source and loads the top level "person", any time I try to expand the grid to view the children it throws a KeyNotFoundException

I found this article which looks similar to what I'm trying to accomplish.  Binding webhierarchicaldatagrid to ienumerable

I am a VB / WinForms programmer and the sample in that link is in C so I converted it (using & upgraded it to IG 18.2 and it throws the same error so I'm highly inclined to think it's something I'm doing wrong in the implementation.

The converted sample can be downloaded here (The zip file was too large to attach here - not a web developer so probably included too much needless crap):

If anyone can hep me figure out what I'm doing wrong I would greatly appreciate it.