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Web Grid sorting Issue

Hi All,

I am using infragistic 2013 in my application when i am trying to do sorting i am unable to do it.

Grid type i am using.

<ig:WebDataGrid ID="wdGrid_PSTS" runat="server" Height="500px" Width="99%"  AutoGenerateColumns="false" EnableDataViewState ="true"  >

<ig:BoundDataField DataFieldName="Id" Key="Id" Width="50px">
<Header Text="Id"></Header>

<ig:BoundDataField DataFieldName="PSTStatus" Key="PSTStatus" Width="125px">
<Header Text="PSTStatus"></Header>

<ig:Sorting SortingMode="Multi" Enabled="true">


<ig:ColumnResizing Enabled="true"></ig:ColumnResizing>
<ig:Selection CellClickAction="Row" RowSelectType="Multiple"></ig:Selection>

It functionality is not working. Kindly suggest.Its been 2 days and i am still stuck .I am experiencing Infrgistic first time.

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    Hello Dheeraj,

    Thank you for the code-snippet you have provided.

    I tested the WebDataGrid's sorting functionality by using the one you have provided and I was unable to reproduce the behavior you have described.

    I have attached a sample application that demonstrates the approach from above. Would you please modify it, so the issue is reproduced and send it back to me? Having this information will help me further investigate this matter for you.
    (Please note that you might have to change the assembly references and the stylesSetPath property in the Web.config so they target your specific version and path for the styles.)

    If you have any questions, please let me know.

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