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Webdatagrid ItemTemplate error

hi , 

iam adding an itemtemplate in the grid the contain the edit and delete buttons with 

TemplateDataField field1 = new TemplateDataField();
field1.Key = "TemplateColumn1";
field1.Header.Text = "Edition ";
//get reference to the template column
TemplateDataField templateColumn1 = (TemplateDataField)this.WebDataGrid1.Columns["TemplateColumn1"];
templateColumn1.ItemTemplate = new CustomItemTemplate();


private class CustomItemTemplate : ITemplate
#region ITemplate Members

public void InstantiateIn(Control container)

Button edit = new Button();
edit.CssClass = "Button";
edit.Text = "Modifier";
edit.OnClientClick = "return editRow()";

Button delete = new Button();
delete.CssClass = "Button";
delete.Text = "Supprimer";
delete.OnClientClick = "return deleteRow()";



but i get in this.WebDataGrid1.Columns.Add(field1); line when i clique any button

Key:TemplateColumn1 must be unique. The field objects in the grid must have non-empty unique keys assigned to the Key property.

to put this another way how to do this in codebehind


                        <ig:TemplateDataField  Key="TemplateColumn0">
                            <Header Text="Edition HTML"></Header>

                                <asp:Button ID="Buttonedit" runat="server" Text="Edit HTML" onclientclick="eturn editRow();" />

                                <asp:Button ID="Buttondelete" runat="server" Text="Delete HTML" onclientclick="return deleteRow();" />


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    If you add the TemplateField in the code behind have to add it only when the page is not inPostback.

    The other way is to check if column with this key exists and if not then to add it.

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