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webdatagrid onBlur method

hi , 

iam trying to trigger an event to change the value (calclulation) in the webdatagrid when the last focus is changed without pressing the done button (the value of the cell changes in editmode )

i tried : 

$(function () {

var column = eventArgs.get_item().get_column();

//Attempt to commit changes when focus of input field has changed.
$(document).on("blur", "input.igg_EditCell", function (event) {


but i need to work only on a specific cell 

can anyone helps?

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    HI Mark,

    Use the internal ExitingEditMode event and find the corresponding cell using its index and column key ( you shold know what they are, since you mean a specific cell, right ? )

    <RowEditingClientEvents ExitingEditMode="exitingEditMode" />

    function exitingEditMode(grid, eventArgs){
    var cell = grid.get_rows().get_row(rowIndex).get_cellByColumnKey(columnKey);