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Get Edited Rows Collection on Client Side upon Button Click


For a webdatagrid that is in CellEditing behavior enabled,

How can i get to the collection of those rows that was edited from client side based on a button click? (I am looking to do some validations in client side)
I am looking for something like the below:

var grid = $find("gridid");
var gridBehaviors = grid.get_behaviors(); //get grid behaviors
var gridEditBehaviors = gridBehaviors.get_editingCore().get_behaviors().get_cellEditing(); // get cell editing behavior
// get the edited rows collection from the cell editing behavior (How to?)
// iterate throw each rows from the rows collection and get to each cell value that got changed (how to?)

Our Server Side(Logic of setting grid in Cell Editing Mode):

grdDataTable.Behaviors.GetBehavior(Of EditingCore)().Enabled = True
grdDataTable.Behaviors.GetBehavior(Of EditingCore)().EnableInheritance = True
grdDataTable.Behaviors.GetBehavior(Of EditingCore)().AutoCRUD = False
grdDataTable.Behaviors.GetBehavior(Of EditingCore)().BatchUpdating = True

Dim _cellEditingBehavior As CellEditing = New CellEditing()

' Define and add the cell editing behavior
_cellEditingBehavior.Enabled = True
_cellEditingBehavior.EditModeActions.EnableOnActive = True
_cellEditingBehavior.EditModeActions.MouseClick = EditMouseClickAction.Single

grdDataTable.Behaviors.GetBehavior(Of EditingCore)().Behaviors.Add(_cellEditingBehavior)


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    Hi Aravind,

    First, you will need to manually save the column keys of the columns, whose cells were edited. This can happen in the ExitingEditMode or ExitedEditMode event:

    function WebDataGrid1_CellEditing_ExitingEditMode(sender, eventArgs)
        var columnKey = eventArgs.getCell().get_column().get_key();
        if (editedColumnsKeys.indexOf(columnKey) == -1) {

    Then, you can access the collection of edited/deleted/added rows from the EditingCore behavior, and iterate over the cells using the keys from the collection:

    var grid = $find("gridid");
    var gridEditingCore = grid.get_behaviors().get_editingCore(); 
    var editedRows = gridEditingCore.get_editedRows();
    for (var i=0; i < editedRows.length; i++) {
       var editedRow = editedRows[i];
         for (var y=0; y < editedColumnsKeys.ength; y++)) {
             var cellValue = editedRow.get_cellByColumnKey(editedColumnsKeys[y]).get_value();

    Please let me know if you have further questions, I will be glad to help.

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