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I'm not clear on how to work with WebUpload control.

I am using version 19.1 of the control in an web form.

First, when I drop the control on to an empty (brand new) webform, I get errors. 

I've read the documentation here:

and looked at the sample here:

When I drop the form on to the page, shouldn't all the scripts be added to the aspx source?  I don't see everything added as documented in the above links.  When I embark on the path of adding everything that is missing, I find that the documentation doesn't match the folder structure and in one case a particular jquery .js file is nowehere to be found.

Can you please attach a working sample based on 19.1 control with source preferably?  I'll try to take it from there.


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    Hello Steward,

    You can follow the steps in this topic to add the WebUpload control in your page. Down at the topic there is step by step instruction how to achieve that – “Adding WebUpload control to an ASPX page”.

    Here you can find a sample ASP.NET WebForms project with WebUpload control at the home page. Please feel free to use and modify it if necessary.