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webdatagrid paging: read old page value

Hi All,

I am now working on WebDataGrid, webform. I have set my page count to 10 records per page.

When I click page navigation link from page 1st to page 2nd, I wonder how to read  data on Page 1st (I mean, this event should fire before page changed). I need to save page 1st rows data into a session variable, and commit into database for all pages data on one save button event.

I can not find pagechanging event for webdatagrid. Do I miss some trick here ?




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    Hello Tri,

    Thank you for posting in our community.

    By design only the PageIndexChanged event is included in WebDataGrid. However you can use the PagingClientEvents-PageIndexChanging event to get the rows from the first page. This forum post might be of help to you.

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