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Reg : WebTab - TabDisplayMode.Scrollable - Scrollable Buttons Not working - RTL


We are using WebTab in RTL orientation. We are setting TabDisplayMode as Scrollable using below code.

WebTab1.DisplayMode = Infragistics.Web.UI.LayoutControls.TabDisplayMode.Scrollable;

The scroll button functionality is not working in RTL orientation. Kindly help us to resolve the same.

Please find the sample in the below link to reproduce the issue.

WebTab Sample

Thanks in advance.

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    Hello JG Giridhar,

     Thank you for posting in our forum. 

    Unfortunately this is not supported out of the box. While loading the additional rtl styles can flip the content orientation, operations like scrolling will not automatically change direction.

    As currently the WebTab does not expose a RTL option that allows flipping all operations to work from right to left I would suggest that you either

    • Use another TabLocation, for example RightTop, in which case the tab will be displayed on the right side of the content and scrolling will be up/down.
    • Log a feature request so that an additional option for RTL can be added to the WebTab that allows operations like scrolling to be flipped to follow the specified direction. . You can suggest new product ideas for future versions (or vote for existing ones) at <>.
      • Handle scrolling manually and change the direction accordingly. You can bind to the Scrolling event and apply your custom logic to change the scroll direction there. Here’s a sample for your reference:


    Please note that since this is a custom workaround for a feature that is not yet available in the control it may not work in all possible scenarios. 

    Let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns. 


    Maya Kirova