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List of Null ColumnInfos from UltraGridBand

Having an issue where I get an null reference exception most (but not every) time I try to get a specific key from ColumnInfos. The code will work one out of every ten times while debugging, so I suspect this has something to do with asynchronous processing. While debugging I noticed that layout.ColumnInfos will have the correct count, but every item except "RootID" will be null which results in the exception when index "spacer" is read. Incidentally this code worked in 18.1 and now crashes in 19.1. 

 private static void ConfigureReelInfoBand(UltraGridBand reelInfoBand)
            reelInfoBand.Indentation = 0;

            var spacerColumn = reelInfoBand.Columns.Add("spacer");
            spacerColumn.ProportionalResize = false;

            var layout = reelInfoBand.RowLayouts.Add();
            layout.RowLayoutStyle = RowLayoutStyle.ColumnLayout;
            layout.RowLayoutLabelStyle = RowLayoutLabelStyle.WithCellData;
            RowLayoutColumnInfo rootIdColumnInfo = layout.ColumnInfos["RootID"];
            rootIdColumnInfo.Column.Hidden = true;

            RowLayoutColumnInfo spacerColumnInfo = layout.ColumnInfos["spacer"];

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    Hi Blake,

    The UltraGrid control has been retired in 2011 as all other controls part of this suite. Therefore its support has also expired. If you provide us with a working sample, then we can have an immediate look at and suggest accordingly. Otherwise we are not able to spend any time on this. Also, if any issue is determined to be a bug, it is not going to be fixed as there are no ongoing releases for that product.