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Need assistance with Webdatagrid paging

I am not able to get paging to work correctly in the webdatagrid.

I have a new blank ASP.NET project and have just a webdatagrid control.  I create a simple datatable with 1 column and 10 rows in the code-behind and set the grid's datasource to the datatable's DefaultView object in the Page_Load() method.

- PageSize = 2

- PagerMode = Numeric

- Ajax is enabled

- Auto generate columns is NOT enabled

When I run the project, the grid initially displays as expected with the 1st two rows, and the numeric pager at the bottom with 5 page link buttons.  Now, when I click on any of the pager buttons, the grid seems to refresh but still only displays the 1st two rows.  It does not display the correct rows.

Can anyone assist in figuring out why this doesn't work?

I'm including my ASPX and ASPX.CS files.

Thank you!