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Migrating from VS 2017 to VS 2019 using V19.1 controls in both


I migrated a VS 2017 solution to VS 2019.  I'm using infragistics for version 19.1 in both.

When I view the aspx page in designer mode, I see "error creating control" "failed to create designer...." on every one of the infragistics controls.

If I start a new page or new solution, I do not get this error when dragging/dropping infragistics controls from the toolbar onto a page.

What is best way to fix this in the migrated solution?  I am hoping I don't have to remove and replace each infragistics control on each of my forms.


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    Offline posted

    Hello Stewart,

    Thank you for posting in our community.

    I have tried to recreate your issue by creating a new solution in VS 2017 and dragging some of our controls from the toolbox. When I save it and close VS 2017 and then open the solution with VS 2019 everything works as expected. The controls are displayed properly in design mode.

    Can you please try to reinstall the service release and see if that helps.