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Add new row using roweditingtemplage

I have this JavaScript code to add a new row using the rowEditingTemplate:

function addRow() {
var grid = $find("<%=grdMain.ClientID%>");
var row = grid.get_behaviors().get_editingCore().get_behaviors().get_rowAdding().get_row();
var ret = grid.get_behaviors().get_editingCore().get_behaviors().get_rowEditingTemplate();           

When I use this for the button the edit window stays open <input type="button" name="AddRow" value="Add Row  " onclick="addRow()" />

When I use this for the button the edit window opens and closes immediately <asp:LinkButton ID="lnkAdd" runat="server" OnClientClick="addRow()">Add</asp:LinkButton>

I would prefer to use the link button because that is what our users are used too.

Is there a way to get the link button working?

Thanks, Pat