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Inherited old 7.3 Infragistics Application

Hopefully you can sympathize with my position. I realize that 7.3 is *very* outdated and that any band-aid fix suggested is not a long term solution.

That said, what is the last version of IE that can work with the old web controls? I have read this article that says these controls were maintained to 2012. I only have success running my inherited app in IE8. Is there anyway to get it working in a Windows 10 while I start rewriting for the new controls? Will upgrading to the latest possible version get me any further?

FYI, this is my first foray into Infragistics.

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    Offline posted

    Hello Steven,

    Thank you for posting in our community.

    The last version listed in our "Supported environments" document is Internet Explorer 9 which is supported with version 10.2 if Infragistics products. For prior versions we are pointing to the official Microsoft Support Lifecycle documentation. Additionally, I found this thread where a similar question is discussed.

    In regards to upgrading it is strongly advisable since the latest versions of Ultimate UI for ASP.NET support latest browser version and are also eligible for both technical support and service releases. More about our products lifecycle can be found here. However, please keep in mind that such an upgrade, from version 7.3 to the latest currently available, 19.2 will require significant effort. As you are already familiar from the article that you mentioned, from version 2011.2 a new Aikido framework is introduced and the classic controls are no longer shipped with the product.
    There are some useful resources that might be helpful during the migration process.

    Please let me know if you need any further assistance with this matter.