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WebDayView: Hiding or removing non-working hours


I was wondering if there is a way to hide or remove the non-working hours from the webdayview control?

I want the control to only show the defined working hours without having to scroll.

I realise that you can set the scrollbar position to show the webdayview at the start of the working hours (ie. set it to -1). However, I'm trying to show the webdayview maximised so that users dont need to scroll at all. When I do this the scroll bar position has no effect since there is no scroll bar. Hope that made sense.

 Any help would be appreciated.


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    I know this is way too late now, but since I spent some time to fiqure this out, I decided to put it here any ways.

    I couldn't find any property or style in webdayview(there is one for webmonthview) to hide the vertical scroll bar. However, I did find out that the control writes and uses ".igdv_DayViewFrame" css class and the time slot is in that "frame" as a div without css class. ahhh.. forget it... to hard to explain in words.

    Here is the code....

    .igdv_DayViewFrame div
         overflow:hidden !important;

    After removing the scrollbar, you can adjust the height to hide the non working time slot.

    Hope this helps someone...

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