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WebCalendar and client side events onmouseout

Hi to all,

I am trying to extend the WebCalendar with client side events like onmouseout but I am unable to get it to work.

A code snippet you can find here below. I am enumerating through the days, when a condition is true I am trying to add the onmouseover event to it like this.

document.getElementById(oCalendar.Days[i] = 'BLOCKED SCRIPTalert("hi!");';

The oCalendar.Days[i] gives the id of the table cell of that particular day.

Can someone tell me how it can work?


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    To process events you may use WebCalendar shortcuts, though your approach also might work. The Days[index].element is already reference to element, so there is no need to use getElementById. Below is example:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    var elem = evt.srcElement;
    if(!elem) elem =;
    var id = elem ? : null;
     if(!id) return;
    var cal = igcal_getCalendarById(null, elem);
     id = id.substring(id.length - 2);
    if(id.charAt(0) == 'd') id = id.substring(1);
     id = parseInt(id);
    var day = cal.Days[id];
    'id=' + id);
    function WebCalendar1_InitializeCalendar(oCalendar)
    var days = oCalendar.Days;
    var i = days.length;
    while(i-- > 0)
    "mouseover", myOverFunct);

    <igsch:WebCalendar ID="WebCalendar1" runat="server">
    <ClientSideEvents InitializeCalendar="WebCalendar1_InitializeCalendar"></ClientSideEvents>

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