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SpellChecker not found

I am using a spell checker with the WebHTMLEditor.  When I click the spell check button I get the message:

SpellChecker with ID WebSpellChecker1 was not found.

That control with that name is on the page.  I have added and removed it several times, rebuilt the page, cut and pasted the name to make sure of caps and spelling.  But it won't find it.  What are the other causes of the message?  It looks like all that is needed is the SpellCheckerId property on the WebHtmlEditor to be set to the ID of the WebSpellChecker!  What am I missing?  I have spent 4 hours on this rebuilding things.

 Since this is a peer to peer board and your support site is offline now I am a little concerned you all are still around.  Should I look else where for objects to use?