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WebMonthView header scroll problem

Hi All,

While performing some R&D on WebmonthView control a came across a issue where the WebMonthView header does not remain static and disappears while scrolling down.

My requirement was that the WebMonthView  header should always stay at top irrespective of vertical scroll position.

Below is my WebMonthView code:

 <ig_sched:WebMonthView ID="WebMonthView1" runat="server"



NavigationAnimation="AccelDecel" WebScheduleInfoID="WebScheduleInfo1" Style="height: BLOCKED EXPRESSION;





<CaptionHeaderStyle BackColor="LightGray" ForeColor="Black" BackgroundImage="./images/MonthHeaderCaption_bg.png" Height="10px">








<ClientEvents MouseDown="Set" />






Any help will be appreciated.


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    I have researched your scenario and I would suggest to upgrade to the latest Service Release, because this issue was fixed.


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