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webmonthview appointment display area needs the wordwrap property


I am using Infragistics 9.1 version. In WebMonthView control, the appointment details are displayed in single line. We are not able to read the msg fully. once the control gets the mouse over the pop-up will show the full message. Instead, i need similar to wordwrap property to display the info in multiple lines with scroll-bars. Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

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    Suggested Answer

    You can try overriding the CSS style to cause the appointments to word wrap by inserting this <style> tag into your .aspx page's <head> tag,

       <title> ... </title>
       <style type='text/css'>
         .igmv_Day DIV, .igmv_OtherMonthDay DIV, .igmv_CompressedDay DIV
         .igmv_OtherCompressedDay DIV
              WHITE-SPACE: normal;

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