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Vertical Text on WebDataGrid's Header

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to have vertical text on my WebDataGrid's headers (It only has to work with IE).

So I first created the following entry in my css:





th {



: tb-rl;



: fliph() flipV();


Then I added such a template in my webdatagrid:











<cc1:ItemTemplate ID="wdgResultsTemplate1" runat="server" TemplateID="VerticalHeader" >



<asp:Label ID="Label12" runat="server" Text="vertic" CssClass="VertiColumn" ></asp:Label >







And finally I specified the TemplateId in the header of one column as shown below:




ig:BoundDataField DataFieldName="REINS_SYSTEM" Key="REINS_SYSTEM" Width="35px">



<Header Text="System" TemplateId="VerticalHeader" />

I got an error message saying that I can't have a label in a template.

It seems that I'm off track, could someone redirect me on the right track. I'm not at ease with the templates and the templates collection in the WebDataGrid ;-(

Thanks in advance ! I'll be reactive to give you more details if you ask ;-)

Thanks again !




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    Suggested Answer

    Hey Yvan,

    Your problem is in how you define your template.  The actual html or control code needs to be insdie of a <Template> tag in the item template.

                     <cc1:ItemTemplate ID="WebDataGrid1Template1" runat="server"
                             <asp:Label ID="Label12" runat="server" Text="vertic" CssClass="VertiColumn" ></asp:Label >

    So once you place your label inside a further <Template> tag, it should work.  The one thing I had to change was your css class definition.  I had to take the 'th' part of it out.  Since you're applying it to a label, it's put on a span, not the th. 

    Hope this helps out!



    David Young