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Extended Appointment properties and the WebMonthView tooltip

Hello,  I'm trying to create an informative tooltip for my WebMonthView control and I'm running into a few small roadblocks.  Here is what I'm trying to accomplish in a tooltip:

Line1: Text
Line2: Empty
Line3: Description Field

The WebMonthView.AppointmentTooltipFormatString field allows me to put in <NEW_LINE> to represent a return but this will only work when using designated fields like <SUBJECT> and <DESCRIPTION>.  It does not allow me to alter the Appointment.Description field to be "Text <NEW_LINE> <NEW_LINE> Description Field" since the tokens are only recognized in WebMonthView.AppointmentTooltipFormatString.  I do not have access to Appointment.Subject as it is being used and I may potentially used Appointment.Location instead, but I tried something else instead.  I extended Infragisticts.WebUI.WebSchedule.Appointment following the example at .  I added my new field which I want to replace at Line1: Text in that tooltip. 

Does extending the object this way allow me the ability to reference the object in the tooltipformatstring like I do with the other ones or is that strictly for the base fields? 

Is there anyway I can reference that field during render?

If this is not possible, does anyone know how infragistics gets the text to print with a hard return in the text when it renders <NEW_LINE>?  I looked at the source after render and it shows no space or anything there.

My other alternative was to override OnMouseOver and write my own tooltip, but the control does not provide access to OnMouseOver in WebMonthView.ClientEvents.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.