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How to find parent of selected Row


I'm using code similar to video example and some posts here to retrieve row data from a whdg with single-row selection:



var grid = ig_controls["ctl00_cphMain_whdg1_ctl00"]
var behav = grid.get_behaviors();
var rows = behav.get_selection().get_selectedRowsResolved();
if (rows.length > 0) {
var row = rows[0];
$get("txtGAG").value = row.get_cellByColumnKey("GAG").get_value();
if (row.get_cellByColumnKey("MXST"))
$get("txtXST").value = row.get_cellByColumnKey("MXST").get_value();
$get("txtXST").value = "";
lastRow = row;



... but need to obtain a field from the parent row when a row in the 2nd band is selected. How do I most easily identify the parent row?