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WebDataGrid's columns do not hide in AJAX mode while their Hidden property is set to true

I have a WebDataGrid, a multiselect WebDropDown above it and an "Apply" button

All are placed in one UpdatePanel.

The WebDropDown is populated with the columns of the WebDataGrid and the user can check the multiselect ceckboxes of the WebDropDown to choose which columns of the WebDataGrid should be displayed or hidden.

The "Apply" button's OnClick server-side event then applies the columns selection from the WebDropDown to the WebDataGrid by setting each WebDataGrid's column's Hidden property. The UpdatePanel makes the OnClick call an async postback.

THE PROBLEM IS: The WebDataGrid's columns are not being redrawn on the client after the async postback. Columns that actually have their Hidden property really set to true are still being displayed and vice versa. However, if I change some column's Header Text in the same "Apply" button's OnClick event, it does redraw the text of the column's header on the client, which means the whole WebDataGrid actually was redrawn but did not apply the Hidden properties...

Is this a WebDataGrid's bug, design feature or am I doing something wrong?

The WebDataGrid has the following behaviors enabled: Column Moving, Column Resizing, Editing Core with Cell Editing, Row Selectors, Selection.

I also tried it with WebDataGrid.EnableAjax true and false, nothing helped.