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WebDataGrid ScriptManager Error!

I am having a problem trying to add a WebDataGrid version 2010 to a page.

1. Createad an AjaxEnabledWebsite in VS2005

2. Added a script manager in a page and below it placed the webdatagrid

3. Added datasource for the grid.

when i run the project, i got following error

This Infragistics control requires a ScriptManager object on the page in order to operate correctly.


Can anyone out there expert in using the WebDataGrid help me Pls.



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    Verified Answer

    Hi all,

    I have sorted this out.

    It was system.web.extension settings in my web.config file which was creating error.


    l made all reference of  "Web.Extensions, Version=1.0.61025.0," in web.config to be like

    "System.Web.Extensions, Version=," and this trick worked for me