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WebHierarchicalDataGrid is not working in .net 2.0 framework in vs2008

Hi ,

I had a my current project working in 2.0 framework with in infragistisc 2008 version

I upgraded to Ajax enable website  and upgraded using infragistics 2010 Vol 1 upgrade utility.

After that i added the WebHierarchicalDataGrid and done the coding for On demand load as specified by samples. i am abel to fetch the records.

but i am having some issues in pagination, displaying child records.

I have a option button which says what type of child records should be loaded.

but one i click the button i getting the correct record loaded. on changing the option when i click on the button i should get the new option value record loaded.

but i am getting blank space insted of child rows because it is not going to server hit to fetch the record.

Please let me know how can i do it. but the same code working properly in 3.5 Framework.

i am not able to see evern the grid colors in the current application with 2.0 framewrok.

Please  give me soem solution asap.