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I am trying to use multiselection for one of my drop down menus, i have it all implemented on the web based side of things, but now i am trying to figure out how to store it in a database table. Basically i am wondering how i need to handle the inputted data as well as how the data will be formatted so i know how to put it into the database. right now the ddl is of a list of employee names, allowing the user to select all of those who worked on a particular product.


please help!

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    You can use the server-side event for SelectionChanged - if you are interested in storing which items are selected. Then in the event handler in code behind you can get the selected item's text, value, index ,etc, and execute  a query against the database. 

    In your DB Schema from where you are loading the items, you can keep a separate column that will be bound to the Selected property of the items, so that for every item record, there is a field specifying if teh item is selected or not.

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