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How should LoadAllTargetUrls work?

Hi all,

I have to admit that the webTab control is starting to wear on my nerves. I have a question reagrding the LoadAllTargetUrls property. According to the documentation, the property controsl whether the webTab control will

"Load all TargetUrls assigned to tabs at the time when the page is loaded or keep loaded only one TargetUrl for the active/selected tab."

With that said, I have set the property to false. My webTab control loads its content using aspx pages. The contentURL of the first page is hard coded, but the content URL of the 2nd-5th tabs are set during the SelectedIndexChanged event. What I notice is the following:

  1. If I load the page containing the webTab control and click on the first tab, the Page_Load event for that content page is executed.
  2. If I click on the 2nd tab, its Page_Load event is executed, but so is the first tab's Page_Load.
  3. If I click on the 3rd tab, its Page_Load event is is executed, but so is the 1st and 2nd tab's Page_Load.

It seems like once the page loads, the pages of visited tabs will continue to load everytime the user switches between tabs regardless of the tab they are visiting. Is this the expected behavior? What does the LoadAllTargetUrls actually do for you?