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Cannot upload text within greather than or less than symbols <> in WebHtmlEditor


I am using WebHtmlEditor Version 6.3.20063.53 and i am entering data like <Region>. Using .net 2005

These phrases within and including the greater than or less than symbols are not uploading and are not
retained after the document in created. Same is the case when i edit the document. I am using SQl Server 2005 as backend.


Please help me out in this.

Thanks in advance.

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     We also occasionally have this problem. In our case I strip out all the HTML except for a few specific tags. II have asked users to put a space on either side of the < or > then it works. Perhaps this will work for you.

     Alternatively, you could encode the < and > symbols using &gt; and &lt;

     I hope this helps you.