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WebCalendarView and WebMonthView not synchronizing.

Hi, I have a form with 3 WebCalendarView controls (current month, next month, and 2 months ahead).  Then I also have a WebMonthView that is showing a calendar of the current month.  The first WebCalendarView and the WebMonthView share a WebScheduleInfo object so you would think the first WebCalendareView and the WebMonthView would be in sync right?

A normal action is for the user to click any of the dates on the 3 WebCalendarView controls.  The form then gets reset by:

WebScheduleInfo1.ActiveDayUtc = new SmartDate(timeStart); // timeStart is the date clicked
SetupFutureMonths(WebScheduleInfo1.ActiveDayUtc); // This method sets up the next 2 months.

However, if I'm displaying Sept, Oct, and Nov 2010 and click on Oct. 1, The first WebCalendarView displays October like I would expect, but the WebMonthView shows September.  If I'm showing Oct, Nov, and Dec 2010 and click on Nov. 1, everything works ok.  In fact, it shows it wrong in alternating months (for Oct, Dec, Feb, etc.) and shows it right for the months in between (Nov, Jan, Mar, etc.).

Anyone know what's up with this?  It seems like it could be a bug, since the WebScheduleInfoId is set to the same object for both the WebCalendarView and the WebMonthView.

Thanks for any help!

Mike Witt

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    Forgot one thing.  If I change the code so that the ActiveDayUtc is always set to the middle of the month, everything works ok.  I can't really use this though to other requirements.  I've considered maybe this is a local to UTC conversion issue or some other rounding type issue, I always set my time of day to 13:00 or so to make sure (I'm at UTC-5).