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WebDataGrid paging issue on TemplateDataField that contains an ImageButton

I have a WebDataGrid that has bound columns as well as a TemplateDataField that contains an ImageButton.  When you click on the ImageButton, it takes the user to a different page (via the PostBackUrl property) and passes the ID # of that row as a parameter.  The parameter passing is handled by the ImageButton.CommandArgument technique.

My query returns hundreds of records.  If I use paging on the WebDataGrid and go to Page 2 (or any page other than Page 1), when I click on the button the wrong ID is passed to the new page.

Here's what happens:

On Page 2, if I click the button in the 5th row down ... it returns the ID of the 5th row down from Page 1.  Clearly, it's acting like a postback is happening and it loses track that I was actually on Page 2.

One additional detail is that all of the columns in this WebDataGrid are created programatically in the Page_Load event and the ImageButtons are created by first creating a Template Field with a Placeholder in it in the Page_Load event and then creating the ImageButton on the InitializeRow event of the WebDataGrid.

Things work fine when I'm on Page 1 or if I have Paging off. 

I could get around this by passing the ID via JavaScript ... but that's an outdate technique I'd rather not use.  I'm basically just looking for a good way to pass values to a different ASPX page by clicking on a button in a WebDataGrid.  Tried using Session variables and got the same result (wrong ID sent when on Page 2 or greater).

Any suggestions?

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