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Missing WebTab functionality corresponding to UltraWebTab's Key/FromKey?

Hello, I am investigating the effort of replacing the old UltraWebTab control by WebTab in an application, and the main issue I am facing is that there does not seem to be any property on ContentTabItem corresponding to the Key property of the old Tab/TabItem class. I am using v10.2, the .NET 3.5 version.

The key is used in code to find the right tab to manipulate, and also for a custom translation mechanism.

I don't like using the tab index to identify tabs, as that easily breaks if someone adds a tab in the middle without inspecting every line of code. Using the Text property also doesn't feel very good, especially since the translation mechanism will change the text depending on the user's language choice.

So far, the best workaround I've found is to manually add a Key attribute in the markup like this:

    <ig:ContentTabItem runat="server" Text="General Information" Key="General">

I can then loop over the tabs and examine the Key attribute by using the Attributes collection on each tab.

My question is: Is there a better way to replace the Key/FromKey functionality of UltraWebTab?

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