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ultrawebtab on mouseover


i want do show content of ultrawebtab on mouseover on tab instead of click...whwnever i put  mouse

pointer on tab content should display....

i got clicent side enet mouseover...but when i tried it doesn't give result what i want ...

please give me solution .....

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    That is quite easy to do: eventArgs has member method get_tabIndex(). However, you should keep in mind that changing selected index on mouseover/move may lead to unexpected behavior, especially if loadOnDemand/ajax is enabled or tabs have large contents. Below is example for you:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function WebTab1_MouseOver(sender, eventArgs)
     var tab = eventArgs.get_tabIndex();
     if (tab >= 0 && tab != sender.get_selectedIndex())
        <ig:WebTab ID="WebTab1" runat="server" Width="300px" Height="300px">
        <ig:ContentTabItem runat="server" Text="Tab 1">
        <ig:ContentTabItem runat="server" Text="Tab 2">
        <ig:ContentTabItem runat="server" Text="Tab 3">
       <ClientEvents MouseOver="WebTab1_MouseOver" />