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I have a Webtab with 3 tabs with 1 ultrawebgrid inside each tab.

When the project loads, I load up all the tabs at once so that when I can click on any tab, I can see the data on that tab's grid wihtout needing another postback to get the grid data. So far so good.

The project loads on tab 1. If I make any changes to grid1 in tab1, the updatecellbatch fires as intended.  However, if I make any changes to grids 2 or 3 which are in tabs 2 and 3, respectively, the updatecellbatch does not fire for either grid.

What optoins do I need to chande in the webtab to make sure that the updatecellbatch fires for tabs not originially selected?




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    If you do not use LoadOnDemand options of WebTab and all contents of tab items is configured in aspx, then I suggest you to write a simple sample which can be used to reproduce that issue and submit a request at
    If WebTab uses LoadOnDemand and postback is triggered by a child in tab which was not selected on initial load, then it is possible that server updates will fail. Because, content of currently selected (on client) tab will not be created within private postback of that child.