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JavaScript Error


i use a 'Main-Page' with a 'ig:WebTab' with 3 'ig:ContentTabItem'. In each ig:ContentTabItem.Template i use an iframe to load a page in the control. 

In one page i use a WebImageViewer, Version 10.2 CLR 4. I bound to a Sql Datasource and use a field with the ImagePath as input for the 'ImageUrlField' in the 'ImageItemBinding' Block. I load the page with the controll and the image is loaded and visualized. All is ok.

If i switch to an other tab (and loading the new page in the iFrame) an back to the tab with the imageViewer, all is ok.

Now i place a button on the page for switch the active tab on click event.

The code:

              function WIB_Change_Adr_Click(obj, args) {
                   if (WTab == null) {
                       WTab = parent.$IG.WebTab.find("MainContent_WebTab1");

                   if (WTab != null) {
                       WTab.set_selectedIndex('1', true, e);


Without the ImageViewer, all was ok. But now i got an error in the embeded javascript of the ImageViewer (problem with the visible area).

Is there any workaround?

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    could you upload a sample with the page that is having this issue. We can debug and address it. If the sample contains proprietary code you can contact Infragistics developer support. They will open a support ticket and you can give the the sample code which reproduces the issue.



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