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Saving cell value on TAB in child band

Hi all,

I have this issue: I have a main hierarchical datagrid (WHDG) with one child band. In child band I want to be able to edit a few columns. On each cell change I want to call Save method from my ObjectDataSource.

If anybody knows how to do this, please let me know.

Here is a fragment from my code:

this is my child band and objectdatasource for it:

 <ig:Band Key="ChildBand1" DataMember="OrderDetailsView" ShowHeader="false">
  <GroupingSettings EnableColumnGrouping="True"/>
     <ig:CellEditing Enabled="true" >
      <EditModeActions EnableF2="true" EnableOnActive="true" MouseClick="Single" />                                               
       <ig:EditingColumnSetting ColumnKey="Id" ReadOnly="true" />
       <ig:EditingColumnSetting ColumnKey="System" ReadOnly="true" />
       <ig:EditingColumnSetting ColumnKey="DataLoad" ReadOnly="true" />
       <ig:EditingColumnSetting ColumnKey="AsOfDate" ReadOnly="true" />
       <ig:EditingColumnSetting ColumnKey="AsOfDate2" ReadOnly="true" />
       <ig:EditingColumnSetting ColumnKey="AvailableToBusiness" ReadOnly="true" />
       <ig:EditingColumnSetting ColumnKey="AvailableToBusiness2" ReadOnly="true" />       
       <ig:EditingColumnSetting ColumnKey="Comments" ReadOnly="false" />
       <ig:EditingColumnSetting ColumnKey="Comments2" ReadOnly="false"/>
    <EditingClientEvents CellValueChanged="WebHierarchicalDataGrid1_Editing_CellValueChanging"
     RowUpdating="WebHierarchicalDataGrid1_Editing_RowUpdating" />

<asp:ObjectDataSource ID="ObjectDataSource2" runat="server" TypeName="DashBoard.DashSummaryClient"
 SelectMethod="GetSummaryList" UpdateMethod="Save">
  <asp:Parameter Name="DashID" Type="String" />
  <asp:Parameter Name="DashId" Type="Int32" />
  <asp:Parameter Name="Comments" Type="String" />