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WebMonthCalendar Spanish Header


I am using currently version 9.2.20092.2183.

I changed the culture info of the WebMonthCalendar to es-ES (Culture="es-ES").

The title of the WebMonthCalendar is "diciembre e 2010", this is not correct, it should be "diciembre de 2010"

Probably the "de" was not escaped and should be "\de".

How can I correct this?


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    I see that you at Infragistics are unable to respond to this thread. It is obvious that you guys don't care. The only reason why I am still using your controls is because I am stuck with it till my company is going to buy from another brand.

    I have a workarround that does not make me happy but does the job.

    For all the ... here you've got it, it uses jQuery. 

    $('.igmc_ClaymationMonthYear').each(function() {

    $(this).text($(this).text().replace(' e ', ' de '));




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    Hi estanito,

    Thank you for report. I apologize that this message was unnoticed.
    That issue was reproduced and fixed. Update will be available within coming service releases for versions from 10.1 to 11.1.